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Although it has only recently appeared on the market, the Birin winery has a long history. For generations has the land in our family been farmed with Mediterranean cultures such as olives, figs, wine and cherry. However, what we continuously do and where we feel most comfortable is wine and olive growing. For years and years, the quality material has been coming from the area mostly farmed and that is the vine area. Today we have 6 etiquettes in the production and the total amount of the production is 20 thousand liters per year which makes about 25 000 bottles.


We plant autochthonous sorts from this region in our vineyards: Debit and Maraština from the white sorts and Plavina, Lasin and Babić from the red sorts. The Birin winery has in its possession 2 ha of vineyard from which 1.2 ha are young plantations and the rest are somewhat older vineyards. All our vineyards are situated on red soil with a small percentage of stone. Because of the mentioned terrain our wines have a different personality from the vineyards which are grown on white soil or only in the stones.


The Birin wines are processed, vinified, schooled and aged in a 160 m2 big wine cellar situated in the ground. The cellar is equipped with necessary tools and machines which make sure that all our wines (grapes) with our acquired experience and knowledge get the best possible treatment in processing and in aging. This gives us hope that it will satisfy the taste buds of many wine enthusiasts and all who want to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Birin wines

Debit is a flowy wine of straw-yellow color, medium body and intensity. The smell is floral and herbal with medium fruitiness in the mouth and mineral with a certain amount of salinity. Sometimes mildly bitter toward the end, not intrusive and yet attractive.

Maraština wine has a fuller body, more complex aromas and it leaves an impression of a serious wine with a good aging potential.
The nose is filled with fruit and sometimes there is minerality present which depends on the terrain it was farmed on.
This wine pairs with more serious food.
It should be served with grilled dishes and under the bake bell dishes. It also pairs very well with sea food.

Rose is made from three autochthonous sorts Plavina, Lasin and Babić. Plavina gives a kind of framework with certain acidity, Lasin gives an aromatic touch and tenderness whereas Babić gives a dosage of seriousness and fullness.
It is of light pink color and has rich fruity aromas and floral scents

Babić Birin is a ˝softer Babić˝ wine of medium body and without effusive tannin, drinkable in every occasion. It is a combination of vineyards from the soil and stone.
This wine has an intensive fruitiness with a touch of wooden notes due to aging in oak barrels and maturing potential up to ten years.
It pairs best with venison dishes and dark meat, fish, prosciutto and spicy cheese.
Best served at room temperature.

Choosing the best grapes of this variety, we get wine is released after 3 years. Complex
wine, serious aromas, honey, bacon, acacia with the very fruity of the wine. A limited edition of this wine goes out to
the best winegrowing years.

Serious wine, ripe mature aromas.
Wine that comes on the market after 5 years because it matures in wood for 30 months
Limited edition of this wine is made only in the best winegrowing years. The potential for aging
20 odd years.

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